A Diverting Tale of the New Standard!

Welcome to our magical kingdom, where fairy tales become realities while keeping in line with the laws! I bet you’re wondering what portal opened this world. Well, it’s none other than New Standard, your kingdom of green joy!

A short while ago, the Pure Michigan Kingdom stood in dire need of a royal dispensary, a liberator to meet the ever-growing phenomena of relaxing greenery (you know, the one we are not supposed to name here). Along came the New Standard, strutting its stuff, amidst the serenity of Whitehall, MI, and Nunica, MI.

Our fellowship began to embrace the new dreams and endless giggles provided by the products at New Standard (not too giggly now, gentlemen). And so, the kingdom was transformed! Friendly jesters, serfs, and even the knights donned a constant facial glow, spreading joy in the hood with their endearing smiles and hearty laughter.

Now, each day ends with the enchanting aroma of mirth, as the citizens relish their green joy. The tales spread, drawing more individuals to our magical paradise every day. You too, can be among them. All you need to do is step foot into the New Standard, your authorized dispensary in Whitehall, MI and Nunica, MI!