Benefits of Prenatal Pregnancy Exercise

As a mom-to-be, you may be hesitant to begin an exercise routine to prepare for childbirth, but prenatal pregnancy exercise has a number of benefits that can help ease your anxieties and make your labor and delivery go more smoothly. At Core Progression Personal Training, we understand that every woman’s body is different and deserves specialized care. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals can design a workout program tailored to your individual needs, taking into consideration your health, activity level, and stage of pregnancy.

Prenatal pregnancy exercise can help you gain strength and endurance for labor, prevent or reduce back pain, boost your overall energy levels, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improve your balance and coordination, and even help reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise can reduce the risk of complications during labor such as preterm birth and low birth weights, while helping you to maintain a healthy weight for both you and your baby. It can also help you to bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight after childbirth.

Our certified physical therapists in Arvada, CO can provide a personalized post-natal physical therapy program that is designed to help your body heal and transition back to everyday activities. Meanwhile, our pageant training program in Boulder, CO will provide your daughter with the knowledge and skills she needs to confidently compete in beauty pageants.

Your health and the health of your unborn child are of paramount importance. If you’re looking to reap the physical and emotional benefits of prenatal pregnancy exercise, contact Core Progression Personal Training today. Let us help you get ready for the exciting journey ahead. Learn more about the benefits of prenatal pregnancy exercise here.