“Lebanon, Eliot, and Kittery are Getting a Taste of the Green Revolution with East Coast Cannabis”

Have you ever noticed that the most historic towns have the most refreshing surprises? Take Lebanon, Eliot, and Kittery for instance. These lovely spots in Maine are now the new hipster havens of East Coast Cannabis! Yes, on the same roads Paul Revere famously rode, the most modern of green revolutions is taking place, with the “riders” now more likely to be carrying a cannabis prescription than a warning of redcoats.

Our Marijuana Dispensary in Lebanon, ME, has caused quite the stir; citizens can’t help but revel in the thrill of their forefathers… if their forefathers had enjoyed a slightly different kind of ‘tea’. But we didn’t stop there!

Following the impressive success in Lebanon, the green fever swept southwards like an unstoppable tidal wave. Whether you’re a salty sea captain in Kittery or an adventurous lighthouse keeper in Eliot, East Coast Cannabis has you covered.

Throw a stone in any of these bustling Maine towns, and you’re likely to hit an East Coast Cannabis Dispensary. Not too hard, though. We’re quite fond of our windows.

And just a tip: The redcoats aren’t coming. But better stock up just in case.